Fast Cash Pawn
Fast. Easy. Confidential
Fast Cash Pawn
Fast. Easy. Confidential

We Offer No Credit Check! 
No Garnishing Wages! 
No Payments for 90 days!  
No Predatory lending! 
Unlimited amount of loans!
Do NOT Get Suckered Into Debt with PAYDAY loans!
We can lend you $100-$100,000 in the same day! 

Bring us ANY item of value (Jewelry, Electronics, Tools, etc.) and walk away with a CASH Loan! 

All Loans are Strictly Confidential! 

We specialize in high end collateral loans on Jewelry, Watches, Vehicles, Tools, and MORE! 

Its as simple as 1, 2, 3! 

1) We will appraise your items and give you the highest loan amount possible. 
2) We pay you on the spot! You walk away with CASH in hand! 
3) Pay your item off as soon as you want or wait up to 90 days without making a payment. You also have the option to extend the loan monthly after the 90 days by simply paying one month's interest!

Why come to us? 
We are governed by the state of Louisiana's office of Financial Institutions. 
-Your items are still yours! 
-You can make a payment as often as you want! 
-You can make payments to the principal to lower your interest! 
-We are a locally owned family business and we will do everything that we can to get you the money you need!

Fully licensed and insured! Locally owned and operated! 
Give us a call NOW!
(504) 305-1616 

3405 Williams Blvd., Suite 3 
Kenner, LA 70065 
Payday Loans   can charge outrageous fees that equal up to way over 400% APR! THAT IS OUTRAGEOUS! Once you have one loan, many times you will need another loan after to make up for the money you lost paying back the interest. You get stuck in a vicious cycle that you can never get out of. 
Then when you run out of money they garnish your wages, ruin your credit, and you can never use their services again.... 

Pawn Loans   percentage is 20% per month. We will NEVER garnish your wages or ruin your credit! We don't even run a credit check! the Worst thing that can happen is you lose your item. But you are still able to use our services again in the future.  
In & Out in 3 Minutes!
Fast Cash Pawn 3405 Williams Blvd Suite 3 Kenner, LA 70065                    Phone: (504) 305-1616